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Land Clearing/Preparation


Land clearing must be treated more as an art than a science because production rates and methods vary greatly from one area to another. This deals with the many variables in land clearing including methodologies, equipment and procedures to determine productivity rates.




Vegetative growth – Factors affecting production and therefore cost, including the number of trees, and size, wood density, root systems and vine sand under-growth these factors can be estimated by a tree count.

End-Use of Land – Since different end-uses require different degrees of clearing i.e. highways, dams, tree crops, row crops etc.; end-use is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the proper clearing methods and equipment.

Soil Conditions or Bearing Capacity – Factors affecting clearing operations include topsoil depth, soil type, moisture content, and the presence of rocks and stones.

Topography - Grade and terrain factors such as steep slopes, ditches, swampy areas, boulders and even anthills greatly affect the normal operation of some equipment.

Rainfall and climate- Usually all phases of cleared land from cutting to burning are concerned to some degree with temperature changes and the amount of rainfall during the clearing operation.

Job Specifications – This dictates the degree of clearing to be done, area size, project completion dates, method of debris disposal, soil conservation and other factors which affect methods and equipment selection.

About Us

To-Be Technologies (Pty) Ltd (TBT) was incorporated in 2008 in South Africa. The company was formed as land clearing and land preparation process implementation and project managers. TBT is also the distributor of agricultural and forestry equipment from Rockland USA.The distribution rights are applicative within Africa.

TBT is a shareholder in To-Be Tecnologias Limitada, Mozambique established to manage our projects in Mozambique. We also are represented and active in Zambia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

We are committed to giving our clients the best service and solutions to all their needs and offer professional guidance and help in any project needs not limited to land clearance and preparation as part of our project management offering and in line with our company policies.

As a company we are committed to the communities of the people we work with and around us. Our belief is it is better to have someone working with you than for you to this end we make sure of the passing on of skills and knowledge as well as the general support of any communities our work and presence effects and is part of.

We have collectively many years worth of experience with Land clearing and preparation in African conditions as well as a wealth of experience in management of any aspects of the process whether it be for example, procurement, logistics or accessing our large fleet of land prep equipment and attachments.

For any referrals in the aforementioned countries as well as South Africa please feel free to contact us for the appropriate names, companies and contact numbers. We respect the privacy of our clients and have to verify any contact with them first.